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    Ready to leap the new year with your lawn care and mowing business with a franchise in Melbourne?

    Jim's Mowing Franchise
  • Jim’s Mowing Franchise

    Jim’s Mowing has been around for over 30 years, due to their well-known brand and it’s the most recognised franchise in Australia.

    Lawn Mowing Franchise Melbourne
  • VIP Lawn Mowing Franchise

    VIP Home Services is one of the oldest and experienced company to a franchise model around home services and lawn care, and it’s existed well before Jim’s Mowing.

    VIP Lawn Mowing Franchise
  • Express Mowing Franchise

    Express Mowing Franchise focus on providing an affordable solution to buying a mowing franchise or business.

    Express Mowing Franchise For Sale

You like the idea of running a business, earning income with the ability to work flexible hours that suit your lifestyle. You are tired of working for the man, all of your hard working efforts go into making someone else more prosperous, and recognition was never there.

You know for a fact that your office job or current work is never safe, there is no job security, the only protection for you is to start and operate your own business with low-risks and investment.

We get it, you turn up to work early, leave your job late, and the boss or manager expect you to bend backwards for the company, but one day you were made redundant – they don’t need you anymore after serving over 20 years with nothing to show for yourself. We get you; you understand that by running a lawn mowing business, all of your hard work will pay off in the long run – all the rewards come to you and your family.

It is why you are considering to start or purchase a lawn mowing franchise. It’s a business you can start without having experience, and at low entry cost.

I am writing this article on the things I’ve learned from starting my own mowing business and how you can benefit from purchasing a lawn care and gardening franchise. My opinion is to focus on my journey and experience; you can take it as you see fit and I hope it will guide you to start your mowing business.

How to start a lawn mowing business

Enquire About Lawn Mowing Franchise

Lawn Mowing Business For Sale – We Are Expanding

Are you looking to work for yourself? Learn more about how you can do this with Good Mowing, visit https://www.goodmowing.com.au/work/

Get all the benefits of buying a Franchise without the initial start-up that would have cost you from anywhere $25k – $50k.

No paying for lead fees. You only need to contribute $130 per month towards marketing to get leads in your area. It’s simple as that.

  • How I start a lawn mowing business

    Gardening Franchise

I can personally say you must enjoy being outside and love the concept of upkeeping properties with lawn mowing and gardening services. We all mow lawns at least once in our lifetimes; maybe it was younger for you – perhaps you currently maintained your garden and wanted to turn the concept into paying your bills.

For me, I wanted to start a lawn mowing business as a side gig while I continue work on my web design and digital marketing and drone business. I want to generate multiple income streams and not to worry about making ends meet. I like the idea of building a business from the ground up and turn it into a full-time gig with the potential to grow and expand with sub-contractors.

I am a lucky person to have my younger brother working alongside me, with his customer service experience and friendly interaction boosted our exposure in getting clients in Darebin and Banyule regions for lawn care and gardening services. We both work in web design and digital marketing with our business called Neptune Design; you can visit us at https://www.neptunedesign.com.au – we assist new business with branding and launching their brand online.

Sonik, my brother

Starting a lawn business

Get a professional website for your lawn care business

We have a website here (lawnmowingmelbournemetro.com.au) that are ranking well for use and been generate leads via SEO. When we started the website was to turn it into a lead generation website, but it was hard to earn trust with subcontractors. Due to this obstacle, I decided to start a lawn mowing business and take on the work ourselves and to build our brand up slowly.

I register our business name Good Mowing and Gardening and bought van to experiment our mowing business. I also went and bought equipment to get us going, here is a list of lawn care tools I purchased.

Essential lawn mowing equipment

  1. Mower x2
  2. Whipper snipper x2
  3. Hedge trimmer
  4. Blower and vacuum
  5. Clipping bags
  6. Lawn edging tool – manual & engine
  7. Hedge cutter

All the essential lawn mowing tools to get us going, I believe in working with two people, it’s more fun working together. We feed and gain experience and knowledge at a faster rate.

Lawn mowing franchise cost
VIP Lawn Mowing
Jim's Mowing Business For Sale

We have car magnets and print our t-shirts

Getting customers calling for your mowing service

One of the best and a quick solution to get customers to call you is to use Google AdWords. If you are a new business, you can get $100 credit when you spend $25. That’s an excellent incentive to get new business in and start your lawn care business. AdWords is easy to use and setup your first campaign, I have it up and running in a few hours.

With AdWords, you are paying per click when a customer search for your services on Google search engine. You are also competing against well-known names like Jim’s Mowing, Express Mowing & VIP Mowing; you are even going up against lead generation websites like YellowPages, Hi-Pages and AirTasker. But you shouldn’t worry, customer’s love having options to choose from, if you have a great looking lawn mowing website design to help convert leads and your customer service is spot on, you will win business.

Lawn mowing Franchisee is still an independent business owner; they have to deal with customers like yourself, giving out quotes – new franchisees are in training mode like yourself. They will make mistakes learning and running a business like you. Don’t put too much stress on yourself, enjoy the journey and love what you do.

We are in the works to continue with our door knocking and dropping flyers to homes.

Lawn Care Business For Sale
  • How much do I charge for lawn mowing

    How much do I charge for lawn mowing

I have done a lot of research on how to charge lawn mowing rates and prices; there are plenty of websites you can gather information. Here is list of site you can check out.



You will make mistakes in quoting, and you’ll learn promptly as you continue to get more work. Sonik and I learn to provide estimate quote and always say that upon our visit if the task is more significant than describe we need to update our quote, we don’t mow the lawn and let the customer know about the updated price and get their approval.

Our outcome from first week of lawn mowing operation

During our first week we made over $450 and gained two regular mowing jobs, we booked them in for three weeks time. Take the cost of hiring the van of $240; we start off with exceptional in my opinion.

I wanted to gain exposure and start getting customers onboard while I hunt for a van to own. During this period I made sure we take photographs of our work for the website and social media, use the images for video content.

Capture your work for future marketing materials

Video content can increase engagement and increase your search engine ranking. If you want to stand out from the rest, stunning images and video can do the trick.

You can use video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, and After Effects, it’s a bit of a learning curve, but if you search well enough, you can find a template and presets to make your editing job a lot easier.

Australia cost for mowing franchisesPurchasing lawn mowing business for sale

Just after Xmas of 2017, I put down a deposit for a small Holden Combo in Williamstown; I believe it is a good starting point for us and to keep start-up costs down. Once we made a profit and paid all of our expenses, and our clientele continues to grow, I will upgrade our vehicle to suit us. For now, it’s a start to operating my own lawn care business in Melbourne.

Our Holden van is an investment worth $4,200.

Lawn mowing business for sale

Our Future Goals

Our predictions and goals are to increase our weekly income to $1,000 and then $2,000 and so forth. Continue to obtain regular customers and gain knowledge in lawn maintenance – turning bad patchy lawns into lush grass you can enjoy.

We have already booked in new clients for 2nd of January 2018 – worth $680 of work.  As we grow our route density, it will save us on time and costs.

What’s excellent about mowing franchise?

The fact that it’s been a proven business success and you don’t require gardening skills or knowledge to run a lawn care and gardening franchise. When you enter the franchise agreement, they provide you with all the essential skills and hands-on experience in mowing and gardening and critical business operation such as bookkeeping.

All your lawn care equipment included in your franchise fees; trailer, signage and mower etc. As a franchisee, you will receive ongoing training and support from the group to make sure you did everything to succeed.

Think of a franchise as a business in a box with everything built already and proven for success. It doesn’t mean you won’t fail – keep this in mind. The result varies from person to person, your work ethics and passion comes to play.

Some advantage of buying a mowing franchise

  • Higher rate of success than start-up business
  • More accessible to secure loan for a franchise
  • Access to national advertisement

Some disadvantage of purchasing a mowing franchise

  • Franchise command how you operate your lawn care business – not 100% in your control

Marketing Mowing Franchise

As a franchisee, you are a part of a big group of business owners and the national franchise brand. Launching your lawn mowing and gardening business; the franchise group will continue to assist you in local marketing and digital marketing. Using AdWords, SEO, social media marketing to distributing flyers and regional promotions. Marketing source like radio and TV are created to generate a national exposure or state where everyone can benefit as a group.

Lawn Care Business Fees

As a mowing and gardening franchise company, they make money with ongoing franchise fees. Depending on who you go with, some franchise charges you a lead fee. A monthly franchisee fees can vary from a few hundred to thousands.

Below is a short list I put together for your information on lawn mowing business for sale.

Top 3 Mowing Franchise in Australia

Jim’s Mowing Franchise

I had personally met Jim Penman and had the pleasure talking with Jim on a regular basis when I was working in-house as a web manager for the IT and marketing department.

Jim believes in his team and always give everyone the chance to grow. At first, I was little intimidated having a small conversation, but l grew to enjoy chatting with Jim during my 3-4 years at Jim’s Group HQ. He’s an inspiration after leaving the team and started my web design and digital business, and now picking up on lawn mowing.

Lawn care business melbourne

That’s me bottom left corner

Jim’s Mowing Franchise is the most extensive division of the Jim’s Group franchise. To date, there are more than 40 divisions including cleaning and test & tag. Jim’s focus has always been the customer and his mowing franchisees.

As an established mowing franchise in Australia, you are buying a well-known brand and business ready in a box.

Jim’s Mowing Franchise Cost

Buying a mowing business can vary from regions, and it’s all based on the Franchisor of that state. A Jim’s Mowing Franchise Cost can start from $20,000 – $50,000 and can include equipment, training and support.

A franchisor is a person who has the rights to a state and is responsible for selling the franchise and managing the wellbeing of their lawn mowing franchisee. All business support goes with a franchisor, and you can talk to Jim directly if you need to. He loves to hear from his franchisees.

Jim’s Mowing Franchise offers gardening to residential and commercial clients. With 80% of Jim’s Mowing Franchisees is still in business after their first year of operation. The rest of the franchise business sold for a reasonable price.

Once you decided to purchase Jim’s Mowing Franchise, and everything went smoothly with finance and family support. Jim’s Mowing provides in-depth training in gardening services and how to run a business using their proven systems and documents.

You owned and operated a franchise like it’s your business. You deal with client’s, generating quotation and bring in work. You decide when you want to take work on-board and when to take a holiday, you are in control. Jim does all the marketing that comes out of your franchise fees and charge you a lead fee. This is common ethics and methods of running a franchise.

Make sure you talk to a financial advisor and family before making a decision. I can be little bias, but if you are looking to purchase a business in a box, I would recommend Jim’s Mowing Franchise.

You can earn six figures mowing lawns as a business. It’s a well rewarding business. It all depends on the amount of work and effort you put in and the lifestyle you choose.

Express Lawn Mowing Franchise

Express Mowing franchise is one of the most affordable solutions for people who have a smaller budget and want to start their mowing business. Your total investment is $9,950 + GST with all the equipment, marketing, training and support. For me, that’s the lowest start-up cost for a new business.

Express Mowing franchisee will go through intensive two-day business training and three-day on the job training with an experienced and qualify operator. They love what they do, so what are you waiting for?

VIP Mowing Franchise

VIP Home Services is one of the first company to franchise home services including mowing and gardening. Believe me or not, Jim Penman had advice from VIP on starting a franchise. VIP was established in 1979, while Jim’s Mowing began in 1989.

VIP group has over 4,000 active franchisees and still growing. To purchase VIP Mowing Franchise and  is under $50,000. You can buy an existing franchise from $20,000 – $40,000 at Seek Business website.

What I need to know about buying a mowing franchise

The information I have provided is based on my experience and opinions of running a lawn care business. I have also offered generic details on franchises available.

If you are looking to learn more about the ins and outs of purchasing a mowing franchise, please visit Franchising Code of Conduct. The information you can find on their website can include:

  1. if a franchise is genuine
  2. franchise agreement
  3. resolving disputes
Franchising Code of Conduct

Are you interested in starting your lawn care business?

If buying a mowing franchise is not your cup of tea/coffee, the other option available is to build your business from the roots up. You have to keep in mind and do throughout research the costs involved, and the time you need to make it work.

In the first section, I have played out how I got started with my mowing business. If you already have a van and trailer, all you need to get it off the ground is a used mower, blower/vac and whipper snipper. As you build up your client base and making revenue you can slowly upgrade your lawn care equipment – don’t buy something you don’t need. You can purchase any tools on the spot if it’s a part of a job requirement. Watch this YouTube video about lawn care equipment for under $5,000.

You will require branding and a professional website to boost. Having the correct branding and website can bring in customers and convert better than a mediocre site. If you require any of the services below, give me a call or visit my website at www.neptunedesign.com.au

 I been in the lawn care business and have the knowledge to assist you

  • basic lawn care logo design – $200
  • flyers
  • mowing website – $29 p/m – no setup fee or cancellation fee
  • digital marketing
  • video creation
Lawn Care Franchise

My name is Nep Thach, and I am a certified Google AdWords manager and with over eight years experience in graphic and web design.

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